The tour of Senegal




Some guided tours on foot or by bus in the villages and the Senegalese cities to discover the customs and the daily life of the different tribes ... Adventures in Jeep, 4WD and canoe in natural parks or national reserves to meet the wild animals of the African savannah ... Participation in sports, cultural or agricultural activities ... On the way back, in Morocco, we pass through picturesque places through the Moroccan atlas.

Number of participants: Minimum 6 campers / Maximum: 10 campers

Journey time: 48 days                                             Route in Km: 9010

General Information:


From the port of Algeciras (Spain):
  • 1 person plus camper: € 2220
  • 2 persons plus camper: € 3830
  • 3rd Adult on board: € 810 / Adult
  • Child on board: € 560 / Child
From the port of Genoa (Italy):
  • 1 person plus camper: € 3320
  • 2 persons plus camper: € 5030
  • 3rd Adult on board: € 1100 / Adult
  • Child on board: € 660 / Child
  • The boat crossing: Algeciras (Spain) / Tangier Med (Morocco) / Algeciras (Spain) Or Genoa (Italy) / Tangier Med (Morocco) / Genoa (Italy)
  • Overnight stays in the ferry from Genoa4 (in a private internal cabin per crew)
  • Overnight stay in the camper: 47 with supply according to possibility of water & electricity
  • Guided tours: Guides (national or local) & Assistant team throughout the circuit

    In Morocco:

  • Included in the rate, all entrances and visits of sites and museums according to the program
  • Various excursions: 3 (4WD vehicle in Tafraout - Bus in Marrakech - Bus in Casablanca)

    In Mauritania:

  • Included in the rate, all entrances and visits of sites and museums according to the program
  • The cost of visas and camper insurance in Mauritania
  • Cost of the passages on the ferry of Rosso (Go & Return)
  • Various excursions: 1 (Bus in Nouakchott)

    In Senegal:

  • National Guide during our stay in Senegal
  • Included in the rate, all entrances and visits of sites and museums according to the program
  • The cost of camper insurance in Senegal
  • Meals in charge: 2 (Lunch at the Niokolo Koba National Park - Lunch in Dakar)
  • Various excursions: 7 (4WD vehicle at the Niokolo Koba Park - 4WD vehicle at the Fathala Reserve and Ride with the Lions - 4WD vehicle at the Bandia Reserve - Bus in Dakar - Bus or Carriage in Saint Louis - Canoe at the Djoudj Park)
  • The provision of the camper
  • Fuel, tolls, parking lots
  • Benefits not mentioned in the programme
  • Beverages, gratuities and personal expenses
  • Expenses related to the presence of your pet during the trip
  • Boarding from Genoa at 17:00 (GNV boat) / Boarding from Algeciras at 15:00 (FRS boat)
  • Boarding from Tangier Med to: Genoa at 16:00 (GNV boat) / to Algeciras at 17:00 (FRS boat)



Saturday 24/03/2018: Genoa
Arrival at the port of Genoa 3 hours before departure. Boarding at 17:00.
Night in a private internal cabin per crew.


Sunday 25/03/2018: Genoa - Tangier Med
Sea crossing. Night in a private internal cabin per crew.


Monday 26/03/2018 : Tangier Med - Ksar Seghir     10 km
From the port of Algeciras (Spain), boarding at 15:00. Landing at Tangier Med at 15:30.
From the port of Genoa (Italy), landing at the port of Tangier Med at 17:30.
A welcome dinner will be offered to you at Ksar Seghir. Night by camper in Ksar Seghir.


Tuesday 27/03/2018: Ksar Seghir - Mohammedia     340 km
Transfer step. Night by camper in Mohammedia.


Wednesday 28/03/2018: Mohammedia - Essaouira     420 km
Transfer step. Night by camper in Essaouira.


Thursday 29/03/2018: Essaouira - Sidi Ifni     330 km
Transfer step. Night by camper in Sidi Ifni.


Friday 30/03/2018: Sidi Ifni - Naila Reserve     320 km
Transfer step. Night by camper at the Reserve.


Saturday 31/03/2018: Naila Reserve     0 km
Free day at the Naila Reserve. Possibility of a nice boat ride (optional).
Night by camper at the Reserve.


Sunday 01/04/2018: Naila Reserve - Cabo Bojador     360 km
Transfer step. Night by camper in Cabo Bojador.


Monday 02/04/2018: Cabo Bojador - Dakhla     350 km
Transfer step. Night by camper in Dakhla.


Tuesday 03/04/2018: Dakhla - Guerguerat     370 km
Transfer step. Night by camper in Guerguerat.


Wednesday 04/04/2018: Guerguerat - Nouadhibou     70 km
Transfer step. Customs formalities and entry into the territory of Mauritania.
Visit to the town of Nouadhibou. Night by camper in Nouadhibou.


Thursday 05/04/2018: Nouadhibou - Nouakchott     480 km
Transfer step. In the afternoon, guided tour by bus from the city of Nouakchott.
Night by camper in Nouakchott.


Friday 06/04/2018: Nouakchott - Madina N'Diathbe     410 km
Ferry crossing on the Senegalese river. Customs formalities and entry to Senegal.
Meeting with our Senegalese guide. Night by camper in Madina N'Diathbe.


Saturday 07/04/2018: Madina N'Diathbe     0 km
Free day in Madina N'Diathbe (rest). You will be able to discover the cultural and agricultural activities of the region.
Night by camper in Madina N'Diathbe.


Sunday 08/04/2018: Madina N'Diathbe - National Park Niokolo Koba     430 km
On the road, guided tour to the village of Guede and the town of Tambacounda.
Night by camper at the Park Niokolo Koba.


Monday 09/04/2018: Niokolo Koba National Park     0 km
A 4WD day guided tour of the Niokolo Koba National Park with lunch.
Night by camper in the park.


Tuesday 10/04/2018: Niokolo Koba National Park     0 km
Free day at the park. Night by camper in the park.


Wednesday 11/04/2018: National Niokolo Koba Park - Toubacouta     400 km

Transfer step. Night by camper in Toubacouta.


Thursday 12/04/2018: Fathala Reserve     40 km
A 4WD guided tour in the Fathala Reserve and walk with lions.
Night by camper in Toubacouta.


Friday 13/04/2018: Toubacouta - Sindia     190 km
On the road, guided tour to Fatick. Night by camper in Sindia.


Saturday 14/04/2018: Joal-Fadiouth     100 km
Guided walking tour on the island of shellfish Joal-Fadiouth.
Night by camper in Sindia.


Sunday 15/04/2018: Bandia Reserve     0 km
A 4WD guided tour to the Bandia Reserve.
Night by camper in Sindia.


Monday 16/04/2018: Accrobaobab Park     0 km
Free activities at Accrobaobab Adventure Park (Free day).
Night by camper in Sindia.


Tuesday 17/04/2018: Sindia - Rose Lake     60 km
On the road, guided tour to Toubab Dialaw. Free afternoon.
Night by camper at Rose Lake.


Wednesday 18/04/2018: Dakar & Goree Island     0 km
Guided tour of a day by bus to Dakar and to the Goree Island with lunch.
Night by camper at Rose Lake.


Thursday 19/04/2018: Rose Lake     0 km
Free day at Rose Lake (activities of your choice). Night by camper at Rose Lake.


Friday 20/04/2018: Rose Lake - Mouit     230 km
Transfer step. Night by camper in Mouit.


Saturday 21/04/2018: Saint Louis     0 km
Guided tour of half a day by bus or carriage in Saint Louis.
Night by camper in Mouit.


Sunday 22/04/2018: Mouit - Djoudj National Park     70 km
A canoe trip to the Djoudj National Park.
Night by camper in the park.


Monday 23/04/2018: Djoudj National Park - Nouakchott     310 km
Ferry crossing on the Senegalese river. Customs formalities and entry into Mauritania.
Transfer step. Night by camper in Nouakchott.


Tuesday 24/04/2018: Nouakchott - Nouadhibou     480 km
Transfer step. Night by camper in Nouadhibou.


Wednesday 25/04/2018: Nouadhibou - Dakhla     430 km
Transfer step. Customs formalities and entry into Moroccan territory.
Night by camper in Dakhla.


Thursday 26/04/2018: Dakhla     0 km
Free day in Dakhla (rest). Night by camper in Dakhla.


Friday 27/04/2018: Dakhla - Cabo Bojador     350 km
Transfer step. Night by camper in Cabo Bojador.


Saturday 28/04/2018: Cabo Bojador - Naila Reserve     360 km
Transfer step. Night by camper at the reserve.


Sunday 29/04/2018: Naila Reserve - Amtoudi     380 km
Transfer step. Night by camper in Amtoudi.


Monday 30/04/2018: Amtoudi     0 km
Guided visit at the kasbah of Amtoudi. Free afternoon.
Night by camper in Amtoudi.


Tuesday 01/05/2018: Amtoudi - Tafraout     150 km
Transfer step. Night by camper in Tafraout.


Wednesday 02/05/2018: Tafraout     0 km
A 4WD excursion to Tafraout. Night by camper in Tafraout.


Thursday 03/05/2018: Tafraout - Ouarzazate     370 km
Transfer step. Along the way, visit the city of safran Taliouine.
Overnight stay in camping-car in Ouarzazate.


Friday 04/05/2018: Ait Ben Haddou - Ouarzazate     70 km
Guided tours to Ait Ben Haddou and Ouarzazate.
Night by camper in Ouarzazate.


Saturday 05/05/2018: Ouarzazate - Marrakech     210 km
Transfer step. Dinner Show in Marrakech (optional).
Night by camper in Marrakech.


Sunday 06/05/2018: Marrakech     0 km
Guided tour by bus to Marrakech. Night by camper in Marrakech.


Monday 07/05/2018: Marrakech - Ouzoud     170 km
Guided tour of the waterfalls of Ouzoud. Night by camper in Ouzoud.


Tuesday 08/05/2018: Ouzoud - Mohammedia     360 km
Transfer step. Night by camper in Mohammedia.


Wednesday 09/05/2018: Casablanca     0 km
Guided tour by bus to Casablanca. Night by camper in Mohammedia.


Thursday 10/05/2018: Mohammedia - Asilah     270 km
Along the way, guided tour to Rabat. Night by camper in Asilah.


Friday 11/05/2018: Asilah     0 km
Free day in Asilah. Night by camper in Asilah.


Saturday 12/05/2018: Asilah - Tangier Med     70 km
Transfer step to the port of Tangier Med.
Departure for Algeciras (Spain), boarding of Tangier Med at 17:00. Landing at 19:30 and WELCOME BACK HOME.
Departure for Genoa (Italy), boarding at 16:00. Night in a private internal cabin per crew.


Sunday 13/05/2018: Tangier Med - Genoa
Sea crossing. Night in a private internal cabin per crew.


Monday 14/05/2018: Genoa
Landing at the port of Genoa at 18:00.


It is the second largest city and a commercial hub of the country. The main activity is fishing, which can be counted on one of the most fishy waters in the Atlantic; However, the main industry is the transformation of the iron, which is transported by train. The latter also carries passengers and cars and can be considered one of the city's attractions: it is the "longest train in the world".


Nouakchott is the capital and the main city of Mauritania. It is located on the Atlantic coast of the Sahara Desert. Among the places of interest of Nouakchott are the Museum of Nouakchott, several markets including the money market of Nouakchott, and the beaches, one of which is a base for fishing boats.


Madina NDiathbé, a traditional Peul village located in the FoutaTooro River valley. In FoutaToro, because it is the most ancient territory of the region, we can still see ancestral traditions today, and survey traditional villages and markets where handicrafts and agricultural work have remained authentic.


Guede was the traditional capital of Toro. This role is attested by the numerous royal concessions which are found there as the House of Lamtoro Seddik Sali or by the royal tombs including that of Samba Oumar Anne II. Guede houses a small, sudanese-style Omarian mosque in banco, visited by tourists who visit the region.


Carrefour Commercial, Tambacounda has naturally developed around its railway station. Local activities include livestock farming, cotton mining and tourism, by the proximity of hunting camps and the Niokolo Koba National Park.


Located in a well-watered area along the banks of the Gambia river, the gallery forests and savannahs of Niokolo-Koba National Park have a very rich fauna, among them Derby elands (largest of the antelopes), chimpanzees, lions, leopards and a large population of elephants, as well as many birds, reptiles and amphibians.


The reserve of Fathala, located in the delta of Sine Saloum, promises exceptional safaris to visitors. It is a medium-sized private park that is discovered following a very marked 4WD course. The reserve of Fathala draws its pin from the game by departing from the competing parks thanks to an unbelievable concept: it offers in fact a walk with lions ...


Sudano-Sahelian climate region, Fatick is an area with strong tourism potential, but has turned to agriculture, livestock and fishing. Several sites in the city have been classified historical monuments (Mind Ngo Mindiss, Ndiobaye, Jab Ndeb ...).


Fadiouth is a charming Christian village built on an artificial island of shells. It is accessed by a nice wooden bridge spanning the mangroves for 1 km. Another wooden bridge leads to the cemetery, also made of shells.


The area of the Bandia Reserve is 1 500 hectares enclosed. All the mounds of the Bandia forest have been classified by historical monuments. Among the animal species present in the park, in particular, rhinos, giraffes, large antelopes, dama gazelles, Derby elk, buffalo, pata monkeys, verve, warthogs, hippotragus, jackals or mongooses are noted.


Toubab Dialaw has the only cliffs in Senegal. There is also a cultural centre that brings together disciplines as diverse as theatre, metal and stone sculpture, pottery, music ...


Dakar presents the classic structure of the African port cities: port, Colonial District to the "Chessboard" town planning (currently the plateau district with infrastructures such as the Assembly, the presidential palace, the Cathedral of African Remembrance, the museum, the indigenous district (currently the Medina, the Sicap ...) and the remarkable heritage of the island of Gorée within thirty minutes of the port.


Located 4 km off Dakar, twenty minutes from the Longboat, the island of Goree is one of the most endearing places in Senegal. We visit the house of the slaves, the imposing church of Saint-Charles-Borromeo (one of the two sacred buildings of Goree, it is dedicated to the Italian Cardinal Charles Borromeo), the Mosque of Goree (one of the oldest stone mosques of the country).


Saint Louis of Senegal is listed in UNESCO's World Heritage Directory. The city preserves many colonial houses with their wooden balconies and wrought-iron balustrades. Guet-N'Dar, the fishermen's quarter, brings together more than 4 000 crews. It is one of the most important fishing ports in West Africa.


It is the migratory bird Paradise, the world's third ornithological reserve. Hidden behind a curtain of red, soft and wavy dunes, this fossil delta opens to the impetuous force of the river's waters. 16 000 hectares of lakes and creeks, fords and sand banks, water lilies and acacias, hemmed of reed, house ducks Pilet, tiger ducks, flamingos, cormorants ...